Our Beliefs


You are entering through a door where our primary purpose is to incorporate gatherings to bring “service” to the Lord through prayer, praise, and worship. Psalms 135:1-3.  We are a non-denominational spirit-filled ministry that offer the kind of fellowship and spiritual nourishment that express our love and worship towards God and others.

As you are greeted, you will find you are the most important person in the sanctuary.  So as you join us on this spiritual journey of celebrating and lifting up the name of Jesus, come in, sit down, relax , and let the Holy Spirit be your guide.  We are ambassadors for Christ, so our name is important to those who are in need of love and fellowship.  This is a responsibility that has been charged to every believer to come together to help motivate and encourage, those seeking a safe haven or a place of refuge.

Why Agape-Faith Christian Fellowship?

Agape: God unconditional love, a love that never fails, it cannot be bought, only received, a gift of God.

Faith: confidence, trust, believing what is not seen, belief in God, acting on the Word of God, total reliance on God.

Christian: declaring belief in Jesus as Christ (the anointed one) following his teaching, manifesting the qualities or spirit of Christ and living according to his teaching.

Fellowship: state of being together, sharing similar interests or experience, union of friends, families, or other believers.

Today, the indwelling of God’s spirit has called us to share his word with the whole world as we bare witness to the fullness of Christ as we make Ministers out of Members.

Again, thank you for visiting on this day of prayer, worship, fellowship and studying the Word of God together.

You Be Blessed!

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